Garden Stake
Complete  Weathervane Shown
60" Rod Include
Roof Mount
Complete Weathervane Shown
3" x 5" Mount Size on Each Side
15" Rod Included
  • Our Weathervanes are 100% Made in the USA
  • Hammered Copper Powder-Coat w/ Clear Coat
    Finish - Long Lasting
  • Sealed Ball Bearing Wind Cup Design
  • Tops are all One Piece Designs
  • All Weathervanes are Available with Different
    Mounts - See Below
  • Manufacturers Warranty
Collegiate Weathervanes
M - S
4 Sided Mount
Each is 6" Long
Includes 15" Rod
Deck Mount
3" x 3" Mount Size
Includes 15" Rod
Post Mount
3" x 3" Mount Size
Includes 15" Rod
Each Weathervane comes complete with the following:
  • Designed Top Sizes Range from 6" to 11" in Height and are 21" Long
  • Wind Cups
  • Directional
  • One Rod & Mount of Choice
  • Optional Rain Gauge
  • Optional Welcome or Go Away Sign
New Rain Gauge
Attachment for all
Our Weathervanes
New Optional Signs
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